I’ve been wanting to start blogging more often for awhile now, and as our crazy summer of traveling is finally winding down I think it’s probably appropriate to start off with a September roundup. I’m hoping to do these every month, mostly for my own benefit (I have a terrible memory! haha), but also to give some insight into what has probably been the craziest September in … forever, possibly.


1) Last beach day in Chicago before it got cooold. 2) Legos on legos on legos at the Mall of America. 3) Lime smiles with my cutie niece who I don’t get to see nearly enough! 4) Minneapolis’s giant cherry on a spoon sculpture. 5) Beautiful wedding reception decor. 6) The gorgeous bride Shannon and I.


7) Walking through the Minneapolis Zoo with my niece. 8) Finally back home to the pups and Remi is always a lady with her crossed legs. 9) Dolled up for April and Ray’s wedding! 10) The best girlfriends and lovely bride. 11) I was complaining about not having any chocolate in the house and J jumped up to make cookies. He’s the best. 12) A very rare family brunch in Ohio with my folks and brothers (Dad got cut out :( )


13) Archery with my brother at the Renaissance festival in Ohio – definitely need to work on my form. 14) Meeting up for a few drinks with my high school friends! 15) My nephew Connor and my pup Remi having a heart to heart… I snagged the reflection in the fireplace because I didn’t want to interrupt haha. 16) Landed in Seattle for vacation and we had the best breakfast view. 17) The Seattle breakfast club. 18) Hotel Vintage gave us a goldfish as a room pet to keep up company! Pinot Noir-whal was a great roommate.


19) Drinks and good conversation in the middle of the day. Really the only way to vacation in my opinion. 20) J and I in front of the Space Needle. 21) Definitely MUST visit at sunset, just the most gorgeous views ever. 22) Downtown Seattle and Mount Rainier at sunset. 23) The crew checking out the views. 24) One last sunset picture. It was really just one of the prettiest views.


Hope you all had a great September and I’m looking forward to a fun October!