About a year and a half ago my husband and I took a 10 day tour of Italy with a one day stop in Paris, and since then I’ve been sitting on about 3,000 pictures. I’m a chronic over-shooter and every time I go to browse through them or start editing I get overwhelmed by just how many shots I took of the Colosseum (but can you blame me?! It’s gorgeous!). I tried a  new plan of attack recently and decided to work backwards, and it worked! So first up in our (old) trip is our last stop, the one day we spent in Paris.

I think that for the short amount of time we had there we still managed to see a LOT of stuff, but man would I love to go back soon. The only thing we got to visit in depth was the Notre Dame Cathedral and everything else ended up being some variation of “ooh, look! Pretty!”. Regardless, Paris is amazing and below are some of my photos from the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Seine, the Arc de Triomphe, the Luxembourg Gardens and the love lock bridge. I’d be happy to answer any trip questions in the comments or an email as well! Enjoy, and Venice will be up next!