Wow this month went fast – With only one trip back to Ohio to see the family, we were able to finally relax at home, watch TV, clean our filthy house and have a home cooked meal! October ended up being just what the doctor ordered and I am fully ready to head into the crazy holiday season, including a new mini session deal that is coming soon!


1) Our nephew turned one and I spent the entire party snuggling his little brother, Liam. I just LOVE babies when they’re itty bitty. 2) Remi, up close and personal while I vent my frustrations about this season of Revenge. 3) October is the month of my wedding anniversary and of course my social media shout out to my cute hubby involves a cute baby. 4) Remi being spunky, as usual. 5) Thrown together taco pizza that turned out amazingly delicious. 6) Crock pot baked potato soup, hands down my favorite fall meal.


7) A beautifully crisp and colorful fall day in Chicago. 8) Stepping away from my desk for a tasty lunch at Taco Joint. 9) Apparently I should have called this post The October of Liam – but that pumpkin hat! I adore this picture sent from my sister-in-law. 10) We spent Halloween night curled up with a glass of wine, a warm fire and a ghost shows marathon. 11) Dirt pudding for our Halloween party! 12) A great group of characters.


All of these last pictures are from our Halloween party, since we spent a solid week getting ready for it. We had a great turnout and a great time. :) 13) Pumpkin puking up guacamole. 14) Weird glasses & mustaches for those who didn’t dress up. 15) Eyeballs on the meat and cheese plate, naturally. 16) Blood spatter sugar cookies. 17) Mariachi dog! Remi was a bumble bee but hated her life the entire night so I couldn’t grab a picture. 18) Always need fake teeth for any quality Halloween gathering.


Hope you all had a great October and stay tuned for an announcement on Holiday Mini Sessions next week!