Well I won’t lie friends, May was a FUN month – we spent half of it in London and the other half with family and our adorable nephews. It was really top-notch. I’ll have a full post on our trip soon but in the meantime, here are some quick snaps from the last few weeks!

1) Gorgeous flowers on my walk to work, I couldn’t help but stop and snap a picture. 2) Stopped in Ohio the weekend before we left and watched the Kentucky Derby with my folks and some friends. Of course we both had pretty hats on! ;) 3) Road trip with my sweet nephews! We only went 3 blocks but it was a fun time. 4) Waiting in the airport (delayed, of course) to head to London! 5) Landed, checked in to the hotel and awake for 32 hours – it’s time for a beer. 6) Walking through one of the many gorgeous outdoor parks London has to offer.

Trip to London

7) One of our favorite views of Big Ben and Parliament. 8) We got to Buckingham Palace an hour and a half early and good thing, because it got PACKED. Luckily most the people were super cordial. 9) Long walk to the Portobello Market so we stopped for a drink and a rest at the cutest little pub. 10) Day trip out to Stonehenge! It was the only thing on Jeff’s bucket list (seriously) and was so cool to see. 11) Another sweet little countryside town stuck in time, Lower Slaughter (not named that for the reasons you would think!) 12) The London Tower, which we walked over to get to the Tower of London – London, Tower, Tower, London. :)

London England Trip

13) Jeff had to get a proper English breakfast while he was on vacation and it had SO much meat included. 14) Awesome view of St. Paul’s cathedral from the Tate Modern museum. 15) So. much. walking. 16) Back in Chicago and the McGoverns came to visit! So sweet to hang out with the little ones at our place. 17) We were stoked to get a great deal on a Cubs game and all you can eat/drink on a rooftop across the street… until we got there and found out they had constructed a huge billboard directly in front of us. So not so much game watching happened but we had a great time catching up with our friends! 18) Jeff made a great breakfast on our last day of vacation before heading back to work at the end of the month.

Chicago to London June should be pretty relaxing, which will be a good thing because May was exhausting – amazing, but tiring! We’re halfway through 2015 and so far, I’d say it’s been a banner year.