I’m admittedly pretty bad at getting my monthly roundup done on time, but halfway through July is a little extreme! I have been hard at work on client shoots and posts so sometimes my own personal things fall to the side. June was a crazy month for us, although it seemed like everyone I spoke too also said they were having a tough time staying sane. Our day jobs were packed with client work, we had lots of weekend events happening and of course the weather was gray and cold the entire time. I thought it was supposed to be summer?! At any rate, we ended up having a really wonderful month so let’s get to some pictures. :)

1) An afternoon walk past one of my favorite city views, even on a misty gray day. 2) I was getting ready to leave for work one morning and saw Remi’s ears perfectly backlite by a beautiful sunny morning. That pup had no idea she was bathing in such beautiful light! 3) One big task this month was finally getting some custom closets installed in our bedroom! Unfortunately I had to come face to face with how much stuff I had when it all got dumped in the spare bedroom during installation. Definitely some purging happened after this! 4) Jeff hard at work making me a happy girl. 5) The gorgeous and organized final system – I can’t even put into words how much I still love this, even 6 weeks later. 6) While Jeff built the closets I spent some time getting our flowers planted outdoors. Busy weekend for the Teagues!

Instagram Roundup June

7) The Chicago sky was serving up some fierceness from my vantage point on a rooftop grocery store parking lot. What, you don’t park on top of all grocery stores? 8) We took a weekend trip down to Ohio and fortunately the weather cooperated for a few hours and we got to spend some time with my family on my Grandparent’s boat. 9) After a really hectic week at work a day on the water was just what we needed. 10) We also got to spend some time with Jeff’s family and my oldest nephew is turning into quite the perfect photo subject! He has even started asking to take photos of me after I snap one of him – family business perhaps?! 11) I’m not a huge fan of peaches but Jeff’s sister whipped these up on the grill and they were so darn pretty. 12) The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup! I am a huge hockey fan and was so excited to sneak out of work (with their permission ;) ) for my third celebration parade in the last 6 years. TWO MILLION people came out this year – that is some serious hockey pride!

Instagram Roundup June

13) Lovely macaroon colors at Vanille Patisserie (their desserts are so so good). 14) Jeff and I took a half day off work and had an awesome little day date downtown. Long gym session, pizza, chocolate and shopping! Although all that food definitely negated the gym session haha. 15) My nephew was born! Welcome Amare, we love you so much already. 16) Chicago’s Pride Parade route starts a few blocks away from our house so we walked down to see some of the celebration. #loveislove ya’ll. 17) Sir Stanley had his own float. 18) Finishing up the month with some amazing chorizo nachos. Seriously, get in my belly.

Instagram Roundup

And that’s all for June! July has been a pretty banner month so far and hopefully I’ll be a little quicker at getting that posted in a few weeks. ;) Coming up next week is a gorgeous downtown “just because we’re in love” photo shoot! Have a great weekend everyone! xox