Hello friends, I’m back! It’s been quiet around these parts for the last couple of months because I’ve been busy hanging out with my new little human! Jeff and I welcomed Amelia Eleanor into our lives on October 1st and things have been a (wonderful) whirlwind since.

She’s now 15 weeks old (or 3.5 months for those who hate counting ages by weeks haha) and so much fun to be around. She totally spoils us and we love watching her spunky personality come out, she’s really turning into quite the goofball. There’s non-stop talking, giant bursts of crazy energy and lots of snuggles happening around here.

Having my own little one has somehow made me even more excited about capturing photos for other peoples families, and there are a couple of exciting changes coming to Ashley Teague Photography in 2017. I’m excited to be back behind the camera and looking forward to swapping mom stories with folks! :)