Confession time: Pasta is my life source and my greatest weakness in life. I can’t tell you how many nights I say “meh, I don’t want to cook, lets just have some noodles with butter” – but oh, did I luck out with a husband that is totally okay with that! My absolute favorite topping though is alfredo sauce, rich and cheesy and utterly decedent. I’m pretty sure I’ve tried just about every alfredo recipe in the city of Chicago but I quickly converted to making my own at home if I can remember to buy heavy cream (because who ever just has that on hand?).

This is definitely a meal you share but it’s such a simple base you can doctor it up however you like. I’m a big fan of pepper and garlic so I like to overload it with seasoning. Obviously I also just use whatever pasta I have on hand instead of fettuccine, haha. Head on over to The Pioneer Woman for the full recipe but definitely make this sometime soon!