I’m sure it comes as no surprise to people, but winters in Chicago can get pretty rough sometimes. We spend 6 months out of the year hibernating in our warm homes and as soon as the temperature hits above 45 degrees it seems like the whole city spills out at once, eyes not sure how to adjust to that bright ball of light in the sky. This past Saturday was that day for my husband and I, and I could not stop exclaiming “It is SO NICE out!” for the entirety of our 4 mile walk with our two pups.

One of my favorite things about where we live is that we are a quick 10 minute walk to a large beach on Lake Michigan and it is definitely my goal this summer to take full advantage of it! It’s easy to get busy and sidetracked with life, but after the past few dreary, gray months we’ve had I think I need to stock up on as much sunshine and warmth as I can!

But enough of my chatter, check out some of the sun-filled, flower-blooming, gorgeous day and our excursion below! :)

Chicago skyline from Foster Beach

Foster Beach in Chicago, Illinois

View of Edgewater from Foster Beach in Chicago, Illinois

Foster Beach and Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois

Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, Illinois

Edgewater Beach Hotel in Chicago, Illinois



Duck Tolling Retreiver and Border Collie Mixed Breed        Lake Michigan from Northern Chicago, Illinois