Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s 2015! SO much has happened in 2014 that I’m kind of bummed I didn’t start these monthly roundups earlier so I could keep track of everything. Between all the trips, new jobs for both Jeff & I, some awesome photoshoots and some trying personal times it has been a heck of a year. December was a busy month but I’m so glad we got to go out with a bang and a ton of family time. :)


1) 3 weeks into a new job and I decided to brave the holiday party – so cool to see some of my coworkers perform on the main stage of the House of Blues.  2) Christmas cards started arriving early! I love the ones with family photos, even if your family is two cats. :)  3) I tried broccoli cheddar soup for the first time ever in 2014, liked it, made some homemade, and didn’t like it. You win some, you lose some.  4) Jeff’s holiday party was the week after mine – his coworkers are so sweet and clearly love my husband (almost!) as much as I do.  5) No one loves laying in front of the fire more than Remi does.  6) Winter always brings out the baker in me, but a word for the wise… Whole wheat flour gives everything a totally different taste than wheat flour. Not quite my cup of tea and that makes me 0/2 in the new recipe column.


7) I decided to DIY a few Christmas gifts this year and tried this project I found on Pinterest. It turned out great! They took a long time to do (I made 12 of them) but were really easy and I had great help.  8) A few days before Christmas I decided to jump on a quick flight to Nashville to see the Rockettes perform with my mom and her friends, and got some quality time in with my brother to boot. Huge plus – it was 48 degrees out, I didn’t even need a coat! Take that, crappy Chicago 12 degrees.  9) Missing my dad and other brother, but the Rockettes were a great show.  10) My mom and her two best friends at the Opryland Hotel. It’s like a Vegas casino, but in Nashville.  11) My first time at PF Changs where my brother works – the best dessert with banana spring rolls and coconut-pinapple ice cream. Amazing.  12) A last minute stop on our way out of town to see financial guru Dave Ramsey. The other 3 ladies have been taking his money classes and pretty much acted like they were children meeting Santa Claus. ;)


13) Let’s just call this series Ashley + other people. ;) I adore seeing my nephews and niece grow up, and always try to get a few pictures of us together – they are getting so big!  14) The Teagues unofficial holiday card. We are two big goofballs.  15) My niece sat on my lap for a good 15 minutes just chatting about random stuff at a big family gathering. 4 year olds are the best.  16) My best friend was in town for 3 days from California so it was great to spend a few hours visiting with her. I wish we got to hang out more often, but a day spent wandering Kohls and Wal-Mart like when we were kids was still pretty great.  17) Finally back in Chicago and everyone was exhausted. Love this picture of Jeff & Remi!  18) A quiet New Years Eve at home… the dogs were fighting over the new bed we got them for Christmas (they always share everything but apparently not the new bed) so Jeff took it away from them and sat on it on the couch. He’s pretty dramatic. ;)


And that wraps up 2014! Hope everyone had a great year and if not, it’s the perfect time to make a new start. I’ve got some great goals for 2015 in regards to my photography business and will be kicking things off publicly in a few months. Happy New Year everyone! :)