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Burns Family - Lifestyle Newborn Photography in New Carlisle, Ohio

Y'all, meet the Burns family! They recently welcomed the sweetest addition to their cute little family and I loved getting to document their new normal with three little girls! Clara's big sisters absolutely dote on her and you can already tell that they're going to be best buds. It's always nerve racking to photograph another photographer (Elizabeth did our[...]

6 Tips to Getting Engaged Photos of Your Kids

I love kids. Sure they’re a pain in the butt sometimes but as a whole, children are generally really joyful, funny, sweet creatures. They also get incredibly focused on what they’re interested in which is usually running around, looking for bugs, picking grass, hitting their brother, poking the dog, eating a snack - basically anything other than looking at y[...]

Seger Family - Lifestyle Family Photography at Ault Park, Cincinnati Ohio

This family is so cute. Erin has been a close friend of mine for many years now and it's been such a joy to watch her family grow. Her little one is only a few months younger than mine so hopefully the two grow up to be great friends. ;) Our initial location for the photo shoot didn't work out as we had hoped, but the Seger family rolled with it and we ended[...]

Morris Family - Lifestyle Newborn Photography in New Bremen, Ohio

Hooray, she's here! Baby Raiyah made her debut a couple weeks ago and I was so excited to be able to document her first few days home. I've loved watching the Morris clan grow in numbers and love - walk down memory lane with me and check out big bro's debut, and their maternity session not too long ago! I can't wait to see who this sweet baby turns into as s[...]

Mamas and Babies - Family Photography in Dayton, Ohio

I have no scientific data to back this up, but I feel like it's pretty rare to still have a group of girlfriends from high school (13 years ago, but whose counting - eekk) that not only do you still hang out with and enjoy spending time with but that all managed to have their own little girls. Out of the collective 7 children there's not a boy to be found - [...]