I think the biggest concern people have with in-home lifestyle photography is that they’re afraid that their home isn’t pretty/big/magazine quality enough, but I believe that when you’re surrounded by the same 4 walls all day you stop noticing all the amazing things around you. I took these photos of Amelia to show what a variety of images you can get out of only one spot – some good window light can make any location usable.

When we started our home renovation I was embarrassed to show people photos of our ugly carpet and bare walls. Now I love looking back on those images because I can really see how far we’ve come in the past year. The same thing with Amelia, she won’t remember living here with a giant drywall hole in the family room but we have lots of pictures to remind her what life was like before Mama built some shelves.

Don’t put off getting memories documented because things aren’t perfect yet. Even if you look back and say “I can’t believe we had that couch” or “Can you believe my hairstyle?!” it’s part of your story. It’s all worth preserving, especially when the little ones are still little.