If you follow me on Facebook you know I’ve been teasing some big news for a few weeks now. If you don’t, this a great time to tune in! I’m not very good at being suspenseful so I’ll stick to what I know, which is just coming right out and saying stuff. Ashley Teague Photography is moving to Ohio.

That’s right friends, I’m trading the windy city for the cornfields. The skyscrapers for open pasture. The bustling streets teeming with people for… cows and chickens. I don’t know, I think I went too far.

A little backstory: my husband and I are both originally from Ohio, me from the suburbs of Dayton and him from a tiny town on the Indiana border. Over these past 6 years in Chicago I’ve fallen more in love with the city but have seen Jeff get more and more disillusioned with it. At the same time our families are getting older, nephews and nieces are being born and things are happening without us. We’ve talked about moving back eventually for the last year or so but a job offer for him put the wheels in motion a little quicker than we thought.

Now that things are official, I find myself getting really excited about the prospect of a slower, more family oriented life. Starting in 2016 I’ll be 100% focused on my photography business and the graphic design business I’ll also be starting. We bought a 115 year old house that needs a lot of love in New Bremen, Ohio (Jeff’s hometown) and we’ll be spending nights and weekends with our parents, siblings and the little ones they have. We’re ready and excited to start this next chapter in our lives and truly have nothing but wonderful memories of the time we have spent and the people we have met in Chicago. (I’m starting to tear up haha)

What does this mean for Ashley Teague Photography? I’ll be taking a short break over the next 3 months to move and get my business settled in a new state and will begin booking photo sessions early in 2016. I’ll have a few openings available this fall so if you’re looking for something soon please contact me and I’ll see what I can squeeze in between the move, renovating and the sessions I already have scheduled. I’ll be doing shoots in Auglaize Country and Dayton (and everywhere in between) as my home base and am willing to drive to other major cities in Ohio with a small travel fee. I’m really excited to see all the cute kiddos I know will be around and help document these special times in everyones lives.

There is much more to come in the next few months as I figure things out in my new hometown, but let me end on this note – Chicago has the biggest piece of my heart and we’ll be crashing on friends couches here before you know it. xoxo