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Paris - October 2013

About a year and a half ago my husband and I took a 10 day tour of Italy with a one day stop in Paris, and since then I've been sitting on about 3,000 pictures. I'm a chronic over-shooter and every time I go to browse through them or start editing I get overwhelmed by just how many shots I took of the Colosseum (but can you blame me?! It's gorgeous!). I trie[...]

October Roundup

Wow this month went fast - With only one trip back to Ohio to see the family, we were able to finally relax at home, watch TV, clean our filthy house and have a home cooked meal! October ended up being just what the doctor ordered and I am fully ready to head into the crazy holiday season, including a new mini session deal that is coming soon!   1[...]


A few weeks ago my husband and I hopped on a plane to meet some friends from Cincinnati for a little getaway in Seattle. We had been discussing a few months earlier our mutual desire to travel and since none of us had been to the northwest, we decided that would be a good place to start. And man, were we right - Seattle is amazing.  I had no idea there was S[...]

September Roundup

I've been wanting to start blogging more often for awhile now, and as our crazy summer of traveling is finally winding down I think it's probably appropriate to start off with a September roundup. I'm hoping to do these every month, mostly for my own benefit (I have a terrible memory! haha), but also to give some insight into what has probably been the crazi[...]


Last weekend Jeff and I traveled to his hometown in Ohio for the annual Oktoberfest celebration. The entire family gets together and it's a great excuse to drink some beer, see old friends and watch all the kids get super excited for the local parade. I hadn't planned on bringing my camera but luckily I changed my mind at the last minute and was able to grab[...]