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Kyle & Erin

If you happen to remember, I had a sweet little session with my friends Erin and Kyle back in May... well they happened to announce a few weeks later that they were expecting their first child! We met up in Ohio for a chilly maternity shoot around Thanksgiving and baby Nora Rose made her debut two weeks later. We love any time we get to spend with these two [...]

Forrest Family

I love seeing these faces on my blog - it's amazing how quickly little G has grown since our last Christmas shoot! While it was freezing outside the Forrest family were all champs and all we needed was my assistant to run around like a mad man to get some giggles out of everyone. I can't wait to meet the newest little one in the spring guys! [...]

Samantha & Shannon

This was such a fun session - Sam lives in Chicago and was able to spend a few days of quality time with her sister, Shannon, who was in town to run the Bank of America Marathon. The day before the big race we scheduled a quick shoot that really shows how much these sisters love each other - something I can't imagine my two brothers wanting to do with me. ;)[...]

Aidan & Connor

We went camping this past weekend with my in-laws and my adorable nephews. While I'm not a big fan of being "one with nature" in the deep backwoods of Indiana, I loved getting uninterrupted time with these two adorable boys (and everyone else of course!). We weren't planning a photoshoot but I couldn't help but snap a couple pictures while they were playing [...]

The Forrest Family

Janeen is a good friend of mine from high school and the first one in our group of friends to have a baby. Living in different states makes it difficult to catch up as often as we'd like, but I couldn't wait to take some pictures of her little bambina as soon as our schedules matched up. Home for the holidays was the perfect excuse, and her girl couldn't be [...]