But My House Isn't Pretty Enough - Ohio Lifestyle Photography

I think the biggest concern people have with in-home lifestyle photography is that they're afraid that their home isn't pretty/big/magazine quality enough, but I believe that when you're surrounded by the same 4 walls all day you stop noticing all the amazing things around you. I took these photos of Amelia to show what a variety of images you can get out of[...]

The Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I fully realize that the title of this post is a little extreme but ya'll, these cookies really are that good. I'm a big fan of chocolate chip cookies and this has been my go-to recipe for almost 10 years. They're light and fluffy and take maybe 15 minutes to whip up start to finish. I like to use dark chocolate chips but they're versatile enough that you co[...]

Introducing Amelia Eleanor

Hello friends, I'm back! It's been quiet around these parts for the last couple of months because I've been busy hanging out with my new little human! Jeff and I welcomed Amelia Eleanor into our lives on October 1st and things have been a (wonderful) whirlwind since. She's now 15 weeks old (or 3.5 months for those who hate counting ages by weeks haha) and[...]

McGovern Family - Family Photography at Bremenfest Park, New Bremen Ohio

I can't believe it's been two years since I last photographed the McGovern family! When your kids are little two years is basically a lifetime - little Liam wasn't even walking then and now is a full-fledged person with an opinion about everything. These three boys are a handful but they are so much fun to be around and had us cracking up the entire time. I'[...]